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"I have not failed, I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work."
 - Thomas A. Edison

Below:  THS team

Above:  Team 2

VEX IQ Crossover Challenge

at Tsing Yi IVE

February 25, 2017

On February 25th, two teams from Brainchild Ltd. participated in the the VEX IQ Crossover Challenge at Tsing Yi IVE.   Winners of this event qualify for the World Championship in the USA in April.


The Brainchild teams did very well against the other teams even though they were younger in age. 

VEX IQ Crossover Challenge Open at Island School

February 11, 2017

Our Brainchild teams participated in this open VEX IQ Crossover Challenge and did very well against some older teams.  THS (The Harbour School Kids) placed 2nd overall and won the Engineering Award.  Congratulations to these young engineers!

Makers Sunday

Open Day

Our first Makers Sunday was an Open Day that showcased the culmination of weeks and weeks of Brush robot making by our students.  Competition was fierce with robots competing in different categories such as the number of motors, most creative, most technically advanced, etc.


It was an afternoon full of fun, (some) tears, and excitement!


A fantastic job by ALL participants, they should be proud of themselves!