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Birthday Parties

In addition to our workshop courses, we offer a great range of exciting science and technology events. Great for birthday parties or any get-together with friends.  (The time allotted is the approximate time needed to do the activity with your group.)

Party packages are for Monday - Sunday

STARWARS Light Saber *Age 9+: (2 hours)

Craft your light saber from Starwars. A fun & easy maker project to learn about electricity and circuits 

DIY Dragster Race  *Age 7+: (1.5 hours)

Build your own DIY Dragster and then compete in a drag race with others to see who can record the fastest time.

Brush Robot *Age 4 : (1 hour)

Kids will make their very own robot using a household scrub brush and then have a Battle of the Bots competition!

Advance Brush Robot *Age 7+: (1.5 hours)  

Upgrade, enhance and customize your brush robot to exert more power and destructive capabilities.

Slime Science Party *Age 5+: (1.5 hours)

Make impressive slime out of ordinary households objects. A hands-on science opportunity to learn about chemistry.

Light Blaster * Age 5+: (1.5 hours)

Pull the trigger for flashing lights and blaster sound. A sci-fi weapon that will have all kids excited


Please email or call for more information.


Corporate Team Building Event

Looking for a DIY activity for your company's social gathering or team building event?  We have activities that take 60-120 minutes for adults to learn and to complete. 


Please call for more information.

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