Birthday Parties

In addition to our workshop courses, we offer a great range of exciting science and technology events. Great for birthday parties or any get-together with friends.  (The time allotted is the approximate time needed to do the activity with your group.)

Party packages are for Monday - Saturday

Hexbug “Nano” Habitat: (1 hour)

Create your own unique hexbug habitat and watch as the Nano bugs come to life as they bump into each other and explore every corner of their newly created home.  This party is perfect for the child who loves arts and crafts!

DIY Dragster Race: (1.5 - 2 hours)

Build your own DIY Dragster and then compete in a drag race with others to see who can record the fastest time.

Brush Robot : (1 hour)

Kids will make their very own robot using a household scrub brush and then have a Battle of the Bots competition!

Star Wars DIY Light Saber: (2 hours)  

Kids will design and make their very own light saber.

Please email or call for more information.






Company DIY Event

Looking for a DIY activity for your company social gathering or event?  We have activities that take 60-120 minutes for an adult to learn and to complete.


Please call for more information.

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