"It always seems IMPOSSIBLE until it's done."  -Nelson Mandela

Brainchild’s DIY robotics and technology workshops specialize in highly structured courses emphasizing science & technology, engineering and computer programming. All projects require an interactive hands-on approach to learning incorporating creative and critical thinking, construction and assembly and computer programming skills. 


Classes at the workshop are taught in small group classes (student:teacher ratio is 3:1 max) or if requested, in one-on-one sessions. Classes are individualized according to your child's ability level.  All course fees are quoted for small group classes.


Makers Projects - NEW!

DIY Solar Night Light -

In this 2 hour workshop, you will be able to make your very own solar powered night light that has battery back up!

DIY Bluetooth Speakers

Junior Robotic Workshops (6-12 years old)


Our junior robotics course is a great starter for anyone with an interest in robotics and construction. Our course will give young children the basic knowledge around construction and assembly. Once these fundamental skills are developed the course is expanded into introductory computer programming skills and utilizing servomotors and sensors to control their own robots.


Toys & Science Workshop ( 5-15 years old)

Through play and working with toys, students will learn and experience the fascinating

world of science, technology and robotics. This is an 8-part module course. Through

dismantling and rebuilding toys, students explore and discover the inner workings of toys

and learn the scientific theories (the how and why) behind the toys.



Soldering Workshops (8+ years old)


A must for further study into Design and Technology, students will learn the following step by step with a hands-on approach to projects: Soldering skills to fuse electronic components. Construct a diverse range of electronic projects. Upgrade and improve solar powered toys.


Solar Soldering Workshop:  


Electronic Soldering Workshop: 

3D Printing Workshop (8+ years old)


This 3D printing workshop will allow you to generate and create workable gadgets and toys using 3D printing and computer drafting software. The course will start with the students learning and understanding Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) software to draw objects on the computer which they will then generate using the 3D printing software and assemble and program using Scratch software.



Advanced Robotics Workshop (10+ years old)


We offer several different advanced robotics workshops that offer children a challenging and engaging range of projects.  These workshops require creative thinking and problem solving.  Each workshop will test your child's construction and design skills to computer programming and problem solving ability.  Some have required prerequisite workshops that must be taken prior to taking these advanced workshops; please read workshop descriptions for details.



VEX Robotics

VEX  is now being used in many international and ESF schools as part of their STEM program as well as in their robotics after school programs.   Learn the basic build and programming and try out your skills with this year's game.  Be a part of your school's robotics club!  

Star Wars Make-a-thon

Make your own light saber or laser blaster.  Learn how to 3D print and make Star Wars themed room decorations or a key chain.  Build a model of a ship, and many more activities!  Learn to code and design your own retro computer game!

Coding for Kids (6+ years old)

Coding is a necessary third language for kids to learn and be familiar with in today's world of technology.  Depending upon their age and/or ability, courses are tailored to suit your child's needs in order for him/her to have success.

DIY remote controlled Foam Glider Workshop (8+ years old)

A hands on DIY project to designing and building your very own glider that really flies! Great fun for children and adults alike. This workshop will allow you to explore the art and science of model plane building.   Available on Saturdays from 11:00-12:30 pm only.



littleBits Workshop

LittleBits are electronic building blocks that snap together magnetically.   They put the power of electronics in the hands of everyone.  Make your own electronic creations with no soldering, wiring, or programming necessary.   Get your kids to invent anything and have fun learning the basics of electronics.