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About Us

Founded by Jimmy Choy in 2004, at Brainchild, we offer DIY robotics and technology workshops for children.  We aim to provide a hands-on environment for learning with an emphasis on quality. All classes are kept relatively small to ensure everyone is given adequate attention and guidance.

We offer two different class formats; private one-on-one classes or small group classes (max 3 students).  Ideal for all ages and a particularly fun way for parents and children to learn and have fun together.


Our Mission


-Stimulate creative thinking in children and unleash the wonders and thrill of invention and discovery.


-Build their confidence and personal satisfaction through



- Provide alternate educational experiences for children and

help them think outside the box by exploring DIY robotics and technology





Be Brave enough to choose alternative paths.

Be Responsible for discovering alternative energy solutions.

Be Aware of need for FUN!

Be Involved in the thrill of children learning. 

Do Notice that you can help your children enjoy the wonder

of discovery.



     Upcoming Events
VEX IQ Intensive Training Class Starting in January 2023!
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